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        KEEPERS OF THE WILD 2019'

KEEPERS OF THE WILD      ( Company Overview  & Mission Statement )

WE ARE A WILDERNESS ADVENTURE OUTFITTER, BUSH SKILLS SCHOOL and ECO TOURISM GLAMPING ADVENTURE WELLNESS RETREAT COMPANY BASED OUT OF SUDBURY ONTARIO... We host many guided outdoor events and wilderness adventures as well as glamping self guided adventure venue retreats around the area including Greater Sudbury Area, Killarney, North channel, Manitoulin Island, French River. Nippissing and occassional Alberta & BC WEST Coast 7-10 day tours!   


GUIDED group events like:  exotic location hiking, sea kayaking on the  great lakes, lazy river inflatable kayak runs,  social & networking events, wilderness outback exploration adventures & destinations,  guided fishing & hunting, wildlife photography,  wilderness education courses & events, KOTW sustainable living skills network events, forest school events youth & families, winter camping, snow shoeing, ice fishing, glamping venues, activities through the seasons and more...  Events planned by experienced & knowledgeable wilderness guides / adventure operator professionals. 


Our guides want to take you off the beaten path and show you the wilderness & adventure in a different way.   We want to show people the wilderness in a different way and give people "real" connection to nature.  Most of our venues take place on crown land and not typically in parks or institution settings.   We operate primarily in raw & natural wilderness locations and settings.


We also host a bush skills school "Survival Skills School" that offers a variety of bush craft teachings and events .   Giving  people access to bush skills so they can be safe, competent and comfortable in their own outdoor activities.  Skills like map & compass navigation, edible plants, fire, shelter, wilderness knowledge, understanding of wildlife and general skills for being off grid on the land...  Teaching people to be at home in their "original environment".

​Our organization has also created a network and platform that unites people from all walks of life,  outfitters,  businesses and organizations to work in partnership as part of the " KEEPERS OF THE WILD NETWORK " ... To teach and share our passions for the "outdoors" / "the natural world" .  Wilderness knowledges, bush skills, primitive skills, first nations culture, traditional living skills, overall teachings of the land.   A community to unite the people and to bring back lost knowledges of the " ORIGINAL HUMAN BEINGS".   Connecting us to our "mother earth" and connecting to each other to share our unique gifts with one another & thrive as one tribe...THE "KEEPERS OF THE WILD TRIBE". 


Together we are strong and we empower a sense of family & community in the true majic of this world.   " WE ARE ONE !!! " 


When everyone thrives everyone wins!  IN A CIRCLE NO ONE IS ABOVE OR BELOW ANOTHER...EVERYONE IS EQUAL !  This is the core spirit and intention of our organisation and our goal is to teach and pass on wisdom...SHARE WITH OTHERS AND CREATE MORE AND MORE " KEEPERS"   as we are all  "KEEPERS OF THE WILD".

A platform to offer a variety of events and adventures so people  have a great diversity of content to choose from throughout the year.

People today are looking for more than tourism!  They want new experiences and experienced education / guides.   LETS NOT FORGET GOODTIMES, GOOD FRIENDS, AND 1000 % ADVENTURE FUN... Together embracing it all "WILD & FREE".  JOIN US & JOIN THE ADVENTURES!



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