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16 May 2024' Harmony@Home & KOTW joint wellness retreat event 3hrs (Thursday)

16 May 2024' Harmony@Home & KOTW joint wellness retreat event 3hrs (Thursday)

Having had the pleasure of meeting Suzanne, not only did I see her eagerness in exploring new experiences, I saw her love in sharing her knowing of our body's innate healing power. Inspired by her passion for energy and synergy healing, Suzanne sees the connection of our lymphatic system with our emotional wellbeing and finds great fulfillment in assisting individuals to awaken the incredible gift of the body’s health and healing mechanisms through the biophysics of water (lymphatic system/circulation). In alignment with Keeper's of the Wild wellness retreat and nomadic escape, Jason will be hosting this outdoor serenity event at Wavy Lake.  


Suzanne will be offering a one-of-a-kind integrative holistic and bio-energetic education and approach to draining and detoxifying your lymphatic system. Conclude with some general skills for being off grid, wilderness knowledge and understanding of wildlife. Learn to feel at home in our natural environment and connect with the healing energies of the forest.


Holistic Healing from Within Combined with the healing energies of being in the forest environment!


The wellness retreat setup for the two day event (two separate day events to choose from) will consist of multiple tents setup at the Wavy lake location.  A main tent 25x16 prospector tent heated by woodstove and setup with tables, chairs, café style and refreshments available, common & social area / presentation area.   Other tents on display will be a few 10 man Canadian Forces arctic tents with wood stove (our company’s tried and tested 4 seasons tents) / our retreat accommodation (glamping tents).  Additional tent by RBM premium hot tents will also be onsite for treatments with Sue.


• A private 1-hour Bio-Electro Lymphatic Therapy & Education Session in the serenity of an RBM premium quality hot tent at Wavy Lake South end on May 16th or 17th

• 1 hour seminar of Lymphatic System 101, learn to harness innate healing power of your invisible protector and fountain of youth

• 1 hour seminar on Bushcraft 101, show and tell on 4 season living & our tenting setups, personal pack sac & equipment (show and tell), wilderness knowledge, and even a demo on fire starting & primitive fire starting / tools.

• Stay for the day to enjoy the trails and kayaks will be available for rent ($30 two hours), explore the beautiful scenic view of 786 acres of Wavy Lake.


Spaces are limited. All details are in the attached poster.


Please message or email Suzanne with any questions or to reserve a session:   or


For more information, visit Harmony AtHome:

For more information, visit Keepers of the Wild:

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