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19 August 2022' Killarney Silver Peak kayak & Hike 8am-6pm

19 August 2022' Killarney Silver Peak kayak & Hike 8am-6pm

SILVER PEAKS KILLARNEY DAY ( Kayak and hike Event )

Price:   $150.00 plus hst each


***Participants should be fit enough to kayak 6km total and 8 km of hiking in total.   Participants must dress with proper footwear and clothing and should pack a lunch and water.  NOTE :  pack light and bring enough water to make sure you are ok for the day.   We adventure rain or shine so if it looks like its going to rain then bring a rain jacket etc...   THIS IS THE HIGHEST POINT IN KILLARNEY AT A 4302meters…        AGES 18-65 welcome


Participants meet at South End Canadian Tire for 8am to meet the Keepers of the Wild vehicle and guide.  The staff will collect every ones (pre filled out and signed Release of Liability & Assumption of Risk Waivers ).   If anyone hasn't paid payments will also be collected, however participants must book through the website if they can.   If not please contact us to make other arrangements Via (interact, email money transfer or cash prior to the event taking place. )


By 830 am all participants should be ready (coffee hand ready to go ).  We depart and everyone follows in caravan (in their own personal vehicles) to Killarney following the "Keepers of the Wild" vehicle.    We travel to Bell Lake landing (be advised road off hwy 535 into bell lake is a little rough with a few pot holes something to consider if you drive a car )...    Ride takes us about 50-60 mins to arrive.


Once at the parking area participants will be responsible for purchasing a vehicle pass for each respective vehicle at a cost of $15.50 ea.  Available at a parks building beside the parking area.   Once participants are ready everyone will assist with kayaks and equipment to help bring them to the nearby boat launch area.   Kayaks and gear must be walked down approx: 100m to the water.

Once everyone is loaded up and ready we will hold a quick safety briefing and will also advise participants that they are fully responsible for their kayaking equipment ( responsible to pay for any damages to the kayaks, paddles or life jackets ).   If participants use the equipment with care there will be no issues.


We depart following the guide from the landing to the trailhead about 1km of kayaking to get there.

We secure our gear at the landing at the start of the trailhead and we prepare to hike.   Once ready everyone begins the leisurely fun hike ( 5km one way on a nice trail to the top of the peaks).  Trail is nicely maintain and walking is pretty nice but a bit rugged when we start to climb the elevations. 


We will take breaks along the trail and keep the group together as much as possible.   Once we arrive at the peak we will relax and have lunch.  Participants will be free to roam nearby, take pictures, socialize and take in the breathe taking views.


Once we are done we will make our way back (5km) back to the kayaks and then 1km back to the Bell Lake landing.   Once at the landing participants will assist in loading the kayaks and equipment and all equipment will be quickly checked and turned back inn.   Once finished participants will be free to leave on their own time to return back to Sudbury or they can follow the "Keepers of the Wild" vehicle back to Sudbury.


Great way to get outdoors and get some exercise, social networking, fun, and adventure!  Grab some friends and come on out to see the highest peak and view point in Killarney Provincial park.   Guide and equipment provided...Any questions please contact us !   

BOOKING ONLINE PLEASE FILL IN YOUR INFORMATION ACCURATELY INCLUDING NAME, PHONE NUMBER, EMAIL and other information. You must also download the mandatory paperwork off the website (top of the page on the online booking page ).


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